Monday, 5 October 2009

'Sir Brendan Of The Duffy's!'

'That's a good punch bag.'
Are my words as we hit the hell out of Brendan's home made bag that he had hanging in his door frame at his moms opposite Pegasus way back in the 1988. Paddy & James Mcallion and John Yates were with us too.
Our lovely friend Brendan has moved on, we are shocked and saddened by his sudden departure, and these words that I write seem so unreal to me and I am known for my unreal words. Brendan was a loyal warm generous friend who would always be polite and make time for you on the way to the shops or in my case down the Jag 3 weeks ago, (which i told him he looked like eminem)
Brendan would always be ready to stand his ground if needed, maybe that was his birthright as an Aries.
He had a great sense of humour and no matter how mad I came across, Brendan would just laugh me off and say 'Mad Demo.'
I have lots of fond memories like you all have and each persons will come from a different angle, but the one point that will be clear is that Brendan was one of the'good guys' no question!
We all feel like something has left us.
I will remember Brendan as a hardcore proud Scottish Celtic supporter and close to his wonderful family. He really looked up to his dad as his hero as he once told me in 1993.
My condolences to Brendan's family, friends, partner and child, that's all I can muster because for once I am at a loss for words...'

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