Sunday, 3 August 2008


The Arts hold great meaning, traditional and new to me. The discipline that this type of training demands, will build you from the inside out and then some. It is a positive outlet for the beast within us, and will leave you feeling better. Pent up energy will have been utilised, and the body will adapt to a higher degree. I know now more than ever, that I will train for the rest of my life. I will put aside competing with others in class, or training for the sake of trophies medals, and belts/sashes. I train because it's who I am, I really do enjoy it. A certificate feels nice to view the proof of your hard work, but it's deep within me the real grade. I train for fitness, self defence and self therapy.
Bruce Lee used to say freely...'An art, like the expression of the human body.'
That's it man, freely being who you are. Others views or opinions don't even chip the sides, when it's your personal choice. That's your right. I pride myself on being a Martial Artist, and maybe before I realised it, I always was. My life is forcing me to make important personal choices, like writing more and improving my craft. One day I'll have a family to support, and that scares me. For me, it is time to use my inner power that Martial Art has given me and pursue a future for my family. I will continue to write in my blog diary, as this is off loading and if people enjoy what I write then I am truly honoured. Martial Art has a very deep meaning to me, as it comes from within. It's down to me to lift my chin when I'm feeling low, or keep my feet on the ground when I'm feeling high. I love Kung Fu more and more, and I'm turning into that road. I'm fascinated by the animal styles. Wherever I am in 10 years time, you can be certain that I will be training somewhere.

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