Thursday, 21 August 2008


Welcome to the world famous Shaolin Temple in China. Now visited by westerners, something years ago that didn't exist. China holds great histories over the decades, one of which is Boddidharma. A Indian monk who brought a series of exercises to the Temple so the meditation wouldn't become boring. This became known as Kung Fu. Many styles were developed involving animal forms, weapons and great types of training and this was one story. You can see the monks demonstrating incredible feats due to dedicated internal training known as Chi. The training is daily and hard, you appreciate how they control their bodies and energy so well. Surrounded by mystery is such the Arts of the Orient, now we can learn more about harnessing our own way. I respect and enjoy learning about the different cultures in the Martial Arts and their chosen training methods.
Thanks for reading in and join me next blog when I discuss Japan!

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