Sunday, 17 August 2008


How much of life do we as guests of the earth appreciate? We often don't think of air, soil, food, warmth, and friends, not in a survival sense. Now, when we get upset or feel low we complain that we are not happy. When people hurt our feelings we get upset and hate this feeling. We take the bad feelings for granted.
How? I hear you ask.
When we get cold, hungry, or upset it is a good thing. It shows that we are alive, that we are not dead. We tend to judge our lives on the amount of money, friends or possessions we own. But ask yourself this...
If you were drowning, what would you beg for? Would it be your car? No.
It would be air.
The things that matter to us cost nothing, with the exception of food and water.
I thank god every day for the air that I breath, and the friends that I have.
And when some one or some thing upsets me, I feel happy...because it shows that I am alive.
Thank you for reading my blog-Duane.

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