Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Hi there once again my close friend, I received your message in my inbox so I'll think resend. You feel so near but live in Italy, a small village which sounds nice to me. Gallicano in Tuscany, bottom of valley space, this is your homely place, slowly but surly will win your race. Martina is a winner she has her mom's look, I seen it in her eyes on the photo's of your face book. Two and a half years old your little lady, she's part of you definitely not surly or maybe. I'm ever so sorry to read of your split, but your spirit is strong and you'll new fit. I have great faith in your courage, your bravery, your will and I know that your struggle must seem like a hill. You have been so nice in regards to my blog and I will write to help you when times are a slog. You have a deep nature which plays strength like a chorus, just remember that you are a Taurus. When things get in your way, you will knock them down, and uncover your true happiness on this earthly ground. Lay forwards your path of life, and fill in with goals you can pursue as a wife. You will win this, I'm certain you can, you just haven't met the right man. Deep conversations with friends you did delve, there was to much s*** going on to really understand ourselves. I'm so touched and taken back from your view on my writing, books not ready yet for the sighting. I have wrote some short stories and I'm willing to share, and you can share my blog to others who could help me there. Old skool reunion stylee with some herbal tea, I love tea and it loves me. In fact, I'm slurping one now, put to much milk in I think I'm a cow! (moo)
You're welcome to visit our home, when your next down you won't be alone...
Thank you and god bless you and Martina...
Duane x

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