Thursday, 28 August 2008


I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but are you prepared? The streets are unsafe nowadays for men and woman. In regarding open hand combat. (not weapons. No one should attempt to fight someone armed with a weapon. Unless you yourself are armed.)
If you are approached, an attacker may ask you a question to engage your brain. Could be the time or directions. This puts you in a state of cut off, now he can pounce. Mug you or worse! People mistake adrenalin for fear. Adrenalin flys around your blood stream by your racing heart getting you ready for flight, or fight. Many of us prefer flight, as we are civilised compared to our caveman days when we used to face big scary monsters. The feeling of fear is natural, just like feeling hungry or cold. Don't beat yourself up over it.
Now, firstly you need to walk about in a mind state of crossing the road (not paranoid)
Your first range is how far your leg goes, but the only kicks I would recommend in a real life encounter are basic front kicks to the groin, knee or shin.
Second range is your main range, punching range. Most fighting starts here, with swaying arms and stare outs. Extend your left hand if right handed, have your right leg back, left leg forwards stance. You tell your attacker you don't want trouble, your extended arm is a distance gouger, a fence. We put fences around our homes so we put one around us. See for this type of stuff.
If they continue to touch your lead arm then you know they are in striking range of your powerful right. In the eyes of the law you are allowed a pre emptive strike if you believe they are going to attack you. However, if you follow up this attack you could become the aggressor in their eyes. So, do what you must to escape. Punches along the jaw line should produce knock out. (beware those on drugs, they take better shots!) Hooks, uppercuts, clawing, fingers to the eyes etc.
Thirdly, knees and elbows. Seems to say it all really.
Fourthly, headbutts, grappling (wrestling/scrapping) biting pinching, tickling, (I'm ticklish.)
There's no pride when it's you're life on the line, and no shame in walking away.
Hope that helped.

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