Thursday, 7 August 2008


I'm so very deep. I can think on a higher degree, like the mountains grazing the sky. I can think low, like the mist settling into the canyon. I am I. I can absorb my surroundings like a shape shifter, and go with the flow. I can relate to people, and then they could lose me. They can't relate back. Who is me really? Who is you? We are they. I am I. I can deflect resistance, and oppose force. I have sides to my personality that, like many, you keep hidden. Some will notice, others won't. It's an internal power that lies within us all, only some will not know it. I know it. I become the best at me. I can be like a bubbling volcano, or just a peaceful mountains view. I am Martial. I may miss things by looking in, but that's better than missing me by looking out. Be one, be yourself.

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