Monday, 11 August 2008


You've done your bit and you have fulfilled your want for now. You allow your self some space for other comforts, other pleasures. You let new people into your life, you feel loved. You feel so at peace with yourself. That is, until a day pays you a visit with some home truths. You need to look after number one. The people who you thought was for life has left you behind, you try to keep occupied by training. Your training makes you realise that you abandoned your own needs, due to blindness false sense of insecure belonging. Your unfit and in pain, you thought your were so fit? You let it slip. You are a beginner not a winner. You have already won, was always the man. You now see your worth in all it's glory, brought on by a unhappy moment of realisation. You return to yourself, eyes wide open. You commence training and any other aims you may have. You have your self respect back.

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