Thursday, 28 August 2008


(Continuing from Andrew Kimberly's first story.)
There had been a curse on Castle Vale School...
It had been two weeks since Jason slashed and stalked the pupils of 9GR. Now left were Duane, Andrew, Justin, Michelle, Vicki, Steven G. They all gathered for English with Mrs Danaher. We all got our books out, but me and Andrew sneaked down to the technology block to ensure Jason was still lying dead. Andrew noticed the nails were on the floor, plus there wet, black smelly footprints.
'Oh my god!' shouted Andrew.
We ran straight up to English, but Mrs Danaher was hanging by her throat! We found the rest of the class hiding in the Nimbus room!
'Jason's back!' shouted Vicki.
'I know!' answered Greeny.
Meanwhile, Jason found his hockey mask and murdered all of the idiots smoking outside. Miss Coughlin was walking down the corridor, when Jason threw her up the wall and shoved her head in the photocopier. The floor was covered in pictures of her burnt face! Secondly, Jason sliced Mr Whites head off and sent it rolling down the corridor!! Then he found us in the Nimbus room. Vicki screamed and Jason smashed her face through the computer screen.
Jason blocked the exit by piling the computers up against the door! Justin started to cry, so Jason punched a hole through his face! Michelle pushed a bookcase onto Jason. Then we all climbed out of the window onto the roof, and climbed through Mr Sacks window. (All the rest of the School were either dead, or wagging it!)
On the way we met up with Sharon Cox, but she wasn't what we thought she was because she had an axe in her back and fell to the ground dead! For the 100Th time we set off down the corridor and into our form room.
Mr Green was doing the reports, 'How dare you just barge in here! 1 detention for each of you. Acting like babies!'
'Jason's back sir, honest!' I pleaded.
Just then Jason came up through the floor and threw Mr Green smashing through the ceiling!! We ran down to the Foyer. Once there we hid in the dinner ladies coat cupboard. Jason's footsteps were getting closer, and closer...Then the handle turned!
There stood Jason, he threw us all out breaking the door off in the process. Michelle went mad and threw a chair at Jason, but did no good! Jason launched her into the can machine and was electrocuted!! Jason then reached for Andrew, but Andrew was smart. He started to laughing and confused Jason. Andrew scrambled loose, then me him and Greeny made for Mrs Danaher's room again. I looked over towards the window and had an idea from Mrs Danaher, who once said no one could survive that fall!!
I told the rest the plan, and we all got set up! Andrew smashed the safety chain off the window, Greeny put make up on and a hair band, then I stood on the window ledge. Jason stormed in, that's when Greeny started to dance and distract Jason. But Jason spotted me on the window ledge, and pushed past Greeny towards me. The plan was working! Jason pushed me, but I swung round with the window and slammed into Jason who was sent crashing to the solid concrete below.
'YEEESS!!!' we all cried, then called the Police.
Jason was buried in St Cuthberts Church ground.
...One cold musty night, an electricity cable which ran from Pegasus Primary School and the Library snapped. The surge shot the cable manically under the ground, disturbing a corpse!
No one will ever forget Jason...then a finger moved.
Mrs Danaher wrote: 'Horrible, and we got our own back!'

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