Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Friction causes more friction as your soul falls apart. Torn like skin from a chicken bone, you become your other side. You don't like what others have to say or offer and it's a waste of your acumltive memory to entertain such wastage. The feeling that holds you is one of power, you know more than they and can second guess the sly ones. You decide on your actions, you display a front as so to blend in. Loop holes form in the back of your clan chamber which cause you to remain hidden. You wish you were more brave in your approach to life. Your unseen one can dissolve like sugar deep into your being at any command. Yet resurfaces when you don't like it. Who is she, or he? Do you know them at all? They have friends too, like your friends, these are called Shadows. They relish in the winter months and study our private moments. Scrutinized disbelief embodies the prize wisdom that such force could fail to exist. It may be the only true friends we ever have...

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