Sunday, 12 October 2008

TIMMY part two

'O no! I can sense them. They are on their way.'
Timmy flew from the fruit tree that had sheltered him from view, Jasper n Clyde were not far away.
'If I can just make it to that house over there I can hide in the roof!'
Timmy flew hard, his wings fought the wind and his fear was draining him. He knew that once they caught him, they would torture him. The same as what they did to his family, tore them apart as the remaining Bat's including Timmy, watched in tears. Jasper n Clyde was in the distance and they were heading this way!
'Fly Timmy fly!! Come on mate you can do it!' Timmy pushed himself hard he homed in on the gap in the roof, just big enough for a Timmy bat. He glided inside and was impressed with himself in the respect that he could fly faster, and with more control than he ever thought.
Timmy peeped at Jasper n Clyde whizz past, looking evil and how Vampire Bat's should look. Next time he may not be so lucky, but lucky for him they can't detect his scent the way he can pick up theirs. Also Timmy can travel around in day light for longer periods than Jasper n Clyde. In the dark night Timmy pondered on the fact that although he was somewhat different from the other Bats, he needed to harness the skill to keep himself safe. And for this he needs a place to train...

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