Wednesday, 1 October 2008

TIMMY part one

Hello there readers. My name is Timmy, yes, that's me in the photo. As you can see I'm a Vampire Bat, though not a nasty one. Truth is I'm born into a family of carnivorous Bats, with a thirst for human blood. Our breed are very rare and we can talk, this could help me survive. Sadly one month ago my Ma and Pa and baby sister were slaughtered by my two older step brothers, Jasper and Clyde. They didn't look kindly on our kind not being vicious like them. I managed to get away and have flew from San Fran Sisco, across Italy and am now hanging about in Brum. I have to keep running as my step brothers are hunting for me and will kill me. I watched them chew the eye lids off an old lady outside the post office just the other day. I actually live off fruit, so you can call me a mixed up fruit Bat. I hope that I can be safe in the hands of you readers out there, can I? I am only ten years old in Bat years, so I'm just a baby. Well, got to fly now peeps, they will be getting closer.
I'm so frightened...

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