Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The warehouse workers smoked fags and read the latest news in the paper. The canteen was full, with gossip about some unexplained occurrences the night before.
'Eh Bob? Is this your truck!'
The workers laughed as Bob studied the picture.
'Fuck me, it looks like mine. Even got the sticker.'
Bob went to inspect his truck and sure enough there was blood all over the carriage plate and forks.
'What tha?'
Asda had been rammed by a rouge forklift and Bob was the suspect. That night Bob was washing up, when he thought he'd seen some thing travel by his window. He went out to investigate.
His forklift came straight for him ripping him in half. Then wheel spinned on his dog and cat before ramming the spine from Mrs Bob. The runaway Forklift then reversed into the Christmas tree and goldfish, squashing the family hamster.
Nobody is safe. Quick, go look outside...can you see the runaway?

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