Sunday, 19 October 2008


Drunken Bryan as his four pals called him, sat slumped in his arm chair clutching a can of Scrumpy Jack. He thought it was his TV playing up when he heard...
Bryan banged the remote against his leg and cursed, that's when he knew the sound was coming from the other side of the room. He put his TV on mute and listened out in his lonely one bedroom flat.
There it was again, 'BRRRPPP!'
'Who tha fukin els that!' cried out Bryan, half dribbling down his vest. He sat forwards and seen his cat run past. He was happy now and swigged a mouthful of poison spit. He carried on watching the TV when something caught his eye.
'BRRPPP!' Drunken Bryan shot up out from his chair dropping his beer. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.
From behind his settee rose Trudy!
And she was inflating! Bryan fell over his cat as Trudy the blow up doll bounced over the settee and bobbed towards him, she had a huge carving knife mask taped to her hand.
'What do ya want! Your a fuckin doll, you can't be alive. I'm sorry!!'
Trudy didn't reply as she was just a doll...a possessed doll. She was raped and killed by these men, and through back magic practice returned in the form of a sex doll. It all happened after she left her shift at the blue movie shop one year ago. First sex shop to be opened in a small village.
The inflating sound was chilling, and she smiled with her red lips as she slashed Drunken Bryan's nose off and rammed the blade into his gums. She diceD his face up until his screams fell faint through blood and bone. Then she cut open his gut before chopping off his ankles.
One down...four to go, 'BBBRRRRPPPP!'

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