Thursday, 9 October 2008

(Timmy 2, part two) FANGS OF DEATH! (Jasper & Clyde)

'So Clyde, this is where he speaks to them reader people. It's a blog of some kind, the writer has quite a following.'
'Yes, so he does. That won't harper our search Jasper, we will just 'hang' about here for a while and then we can plan our attack on that little runt Timmy!'
'I like it, sounds like a plan. That small, weak, fake Bat will inhale his last breath. I'm going to rip his ears off and tear his wings from that puny mouse torso, ha ha.'
'Ha ha, yes, yes. Just like we did to his parents, make lots of mess!'
'Even though he has reader buddies, that won't stop us...'

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