Saturday, 11 October 2008


'I can't go out there, they will beat me up!'
Flo pushed Sid away and peered her big goggle eyes through her Victorian windows. 'Blimey, it looks like a young lady.'
The five drunken men stamped and kicked the plastic, that contained little air around. They were like a pack of vicious wolves and attacked until the last air left the squashed form. Flo watched the men walk off and then ran out onto the cobble street. Sid grabbed his farmers cap and followed. They were lost for words as they're eyes cast upon what seemed as some sort of doll!
'Thought ya said it was a girl, love?'
Flow with her hands at her hips, 'Well it bleedin well looks like a girl don't it! Them men must have been more drunk than they though, or crazy. Fancy beating up a doll.'
Sid bent down with cracking knee's, 'It's a sex doll. Like the ones of tha telly.'
'Get out of it dirty sod, this is going in the trash. Stupid men. And don't think you're having a look at her bit, dirty perv. Now in the house with you.'
Sid did as he was told while flow disposed of the blow up doll in the trash. She tutted as she seen the mouth section for oral, butt hole for anal and Virgina hole for straight sex. Then she smiled as she read the dolls name tag. 'Huh, Trudy? Trudy grudy.'
The door was closed, and the night was alive once more. Sounds of inflating, Trudy's war cry...
The trash lid fell to the floor as she faced her revenge with five drunken men.
Trudy bounce stepped slowly, and moved silent. The only warning is her deflating sound...
And then your dead, she is alive. Trudy, THE BLOW UP DOLL MURDERS!

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