Friday, 3 October 2008


FEB 06:
I summon up my strength, he's coming. He's trained and mean. He looks great,I say to myself. I wonder in the short seconds that I have, just before he launches his attacks...what on earth am I doing here? In this ring, in a Thai boxing gym. Then I remind myself of the up and coming fight I have. O, that must be it.
Should have blocked that punch, or was it an elbow? I move round I hear the bigger lads telling him to take it easy with me, that bothered me. Remain focused Emsley, he will take your head off. My legs feel cold in this October weather, but it's my birthday month. I feel fit and strong and I remind myself yet again of how much effort I spend keeping healthy.
I side step and give the Russian lad a jab, cross roundhouse. Our gloves are marinated in each others what. He makes me look skinny in comparison, but I battle on. Three minutes Duane, and you'll be out of there. Then I think of who I am, and that I'm really sparring myself. Just as a Scorpion will stand it's ground against larger adversary's, I begin my combinations. Enaud Yelsme is here!
With the three minutes over I know I lost the round, even the pats of respect I don't feel. I get changed and walk to my car very pleased that I conquered myself and my fears. And suffice to say that I went on to win my Kickboxing inter club.

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