Tuesday, 28 October 2008

TIMMY part five

Jasper n Clyde moved in, swift n deadly. They had found Timmy on the farm. Timmy sat nervously on the branch of the huge oak tree, Billy hid in the shed with a peg gun. Timmy was shaking as they swooped down knocking him off the branch. Timmy flipped in mid air and went after them. Jasper n Clyde were shocked as they seen Timmy eyes glaring. Billy missed them with the peg gun and they went after him. Timmy bombed forwards with his god speed and rammed into Jasper n Clyde. Jasper bit Timmy's wing and Clyde circled round with fangs on display! Timmy homed in like in his peanut practice onto Clyde's eyes, Timmy stayed strong. He could see his mom and dad dying.
'Not this time!!!'
Timmy opened his mouth and smashed into Clyde who was stronger. They both crashed into the tree. Jasper bolted down and hit Timmy. Timmy forced himself up to fly, he was weakening. Clyde was blinded as his eyes rolled out. The taste of blood made Timmy feel sick, but he had Clyde to tend with.
'Now ya fuckin dead!!!' screamed Clyde. He bit Timmy's other wing and he went down. Timmy bit back scrapping with Clyde, but he was too weak. Clyde smirked and showed off his daggers of death. Timmy covered his head with his wings and prayed...
Timmy waited... 'No pain...eh'?
Billy came running over, he had just shot Clyde in the head and killed him!
'Are you alright Timmy?' asked Billy shaking.
'Y,yes...thanks to you.'
Jasper fly towards them, using his sense of smell, Timmy pushed Billy away and charged into Jasper. Jasper fly back and the nail leading up to Billy's tree house pierced Clyde's head.
It was over.
Timmy lived in Billy's tree house happy ever after, feeding on the fruit that grew on the huge oak tree. He was finally free, and it's all thanks to you bloggers!

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