Wednesday, 22 October 2008

TIMMY part four

Billy helped Timmy attach the weights to his wings. They felt heavy but would be good for his wing speed. Then Billy hung the Peanuts up by string and got his play bow n arrow ready.
Timmy struggled to stay in the air at first and did a few circles in the attic. Timmy aimed for the peanuts, imagining that they were Jaspers n Clydes eyes. At the same time he had to dodge Billy's arrows fast. Timmy trained hard, he had to be faster, stronger, fitter and more cunning than his evil step brothers. Timmy had razor sharp teeth, sharp enough to kill them with. Timmy got hit at first, but as the days passed he became faster without the weights and had aquired pinpoint accuracy. That night while nibbling on a pear, he listened to Billy speak about his happy home here with his foster parents. Timmy had made a friend, but knew the worst was yet to come. Tomorrow, he would lure Jasper n Clyde to a fight to the death!
*Join us next time for the final adventures of Timmy!*

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