Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Dirty Terry and Carpethead Kevin were having a whale of a time. They knew nothing of Drunken Bobs demise at the hands of Trudy, the possessed blow up doll from the back streets. Instead tonight, they had polished off a bottle of vodka and some Viagra. They thought it funny to come across a similar blow up doll in a skip, like the one they beat up. Probably insane, Dirty Terry and CarpetHead Kevin took it in turns to have pretend sex with the doll, giggling as they do. DT was performing doggy style and pounding the air out from the doll.
'Poof, poof.'
Then CK took over and flipped the doll on its back, legs behind the ears. Then slipped in his unwashed Penis and began shunting away.
'Poof, poof.'
Now what they failed to notice was it was Trudy lying there, in secret and pretending. But Trudy had a plan...a double murder!
Trudy could also feel the pain and pleasure. In spirit she had a Clitoris, Vulva and could enjoy the pleasure. She screamed a 'BBRRRRPPP!' out as her plastic Vagina friction burned their staffs.
'Ouch! Fuck that!' cried Dirty Terry clutching his droop.
'I aint avin that!' swore Carpethead Kevin, pulling up his Y fronts.
Trudy's legs moved on their own from her head to the floor and she faced them.
'What tha...?'
Their Penises began swelling up and they screamed in pain.
Trudy was covered in Anthrax and Asbestos! A local break in at the factory's near by.
'BBRRRPP! Brrrrppp!'
Dirty Terry and Carpethead Kevin fell to the floor choking and scratching. Trudy bounced up off the coffee table sex surface, and bounced to the kitchen. She glanced in the cupboards until she found some Salt and a cheese grater, and then bobbed back into the living room and threw it at double trouble, then grated their ankles away.
Trudy bobbed towards the door, and rose her hand to wave without looking back...

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