Saturday, 20 September 2008


I was placed into this life under the symbol of the Scorpion, I am the eight sign in the Zodiac. I'll clear this make believe view up here and now for the sceptics. I don't follow the planets and I don't go by everything I read. However, along the way I have noticed that certain star signs can be typical of what they are stated as. Now, whoever came to these conclusions I don't know. But it's safe to acknowledge that it stems from methodical times, geek and Latin. I was later to learn though, that there are three types of Scorpio.
Lizard: Is a nasty piece of work, sly cruel and the lowest crook.
Scorpion: Is pure, and travels an even plane.
Eagle: The most noble one who has found spiritual enlightenment, and rises from the ashes like the Phoenix. (My other creature)
Obviously I'm working hard to retain my place an an eagle. But I do have a dark side. I have Pluto which is the planet of mystery, death ,birth, sex and regeneration. And Mars which is the god of war.
POSITIVE TRAITS: Resourceful, caring, advisable, researcher, determined, passionate, hard working, resilient, patient, careful, planner, creative, imagionative, deep thinker, fair.
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Ruthless, cunning, private, shy, vindictive, vengeful, sensitive, views life as black and white, extreme, wreck less, over indulges, misunderstood, self fish, hot tempered.
I know this can be everyone, so I'm only writing what I know and have read. Some of it is true, the rest I'll keep to myself.
Here's some for my fan's.
Taurus-leader of the earth signs, practical, earthy , patient, careful, stubborn, loving.
Capricorn-Good sense of humour enjoys activities like rambling etc, hard working
Virgo- Fussy about themselves and can hold a good argument, many footballers are Virgo's.
Leo- leader of the fire signs, bold, artistic, generous, warm, fun, shy?
Aries- Impatient, risk taker, quick tempered, warm friend, fun.
Sagittarius- Sporty, fearless, comedian, writer, stubborn
Aquarius- Leader of the air signs, creative, friendly, individual, honest, comical, opinionated, intelligent.
Gemini- Clever, communicator, puzzle solver, kind, duel taskful, laid back, sensitive temper
Libra- Romantic, creative, fun loving, indecisive, unreliable.
Scorpio- Leader of the water signs, has Pluto n Mars as planets...
Pieces- Dreamy, imaginative, subtle
Cancer- Homemaker, caring, sensitive, strong.
It's down to you to decide if you want to believe. I know that I only have to look at a Scorpions behaviour to know, that I am peaceful and private until disturbed...

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