Thursday, 11 September 2008


I often take note of what the government enjoys taxing us hard workers on. Quite simply-fags & booze. I seldom drink and do not smoke, and here are my reasons:
I lot of our personal power is locked in our addictions, and because of this routined weakness we are not in control of our lives. We may think we are King or Queen, but that is horse shit. I am as guilty as many for becoming attached to pleasures that make us feel better about ourselves, hell knows that a Scorpio is an extremist?
My Mom had a weakness. I watched her abuse her body till the day she died, just short of my 16Th birthday. At school I hid the home abuse, pretended that my childhood was beds of Rosie's. Every other night was hosted by a violent drunken stranger, and the smell of tobacco.
I know my limitations by looking back at my Mom, who was a Scorpio too. Instead I channel my energies into positive avenues. My Martial Arts and Writing give me the buzz that I need to enjoy life safely. You all have every thing you need for the journey right there in your hearts, I hope this helps you regain the control. I have a Karate class tonight, I know I will enjoy that.

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Andy Simmons said...

Thanks for the comment, and I agree that everybody should help everybody else, as it is one of the few ways to help progression in the world we are living in today.

I was really attracted to this post, mainly because of the similarities of some of my past blogs about smoking and drinking, and your post proves first hand how these activities may not just ruin your own life, but the lives of others around you.