Monday, 15 September 2008


The deep side of man and world sends us a bleak search below. We think of going down as dark, but you will realise that in this very place you will find your guiding light. Many people have hit rock bottom with despair only to bounce back up, and be strong. For it is in this dark miserable place in which we find growth. It beats us down, screaming at us to die. So you have a choice. A choice? Yes, we all have choices. Give in, lie there waiting for the currents of darkness to sweep you into the forgotten. Or fight! You decide to fight, you summon up all of your courage and swim for the surface. You can feel the light guiding you, it was always here but when things were bad you failed to notice. Now your almost there and nothing will stop you. You emerge better than ever before, and you are elated that you choose your life. Maybe digging beneath the surface wasn't so bad after all?

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