Friday, 19 September 2008

SHER TAN (Hoan Lung Tutorial's)

I have an online Sifu now. As well as practising different Martial Arts, and a Blue Belt grading hunting me November in Karate. I'm really enjoying this flowing Chi training, although it's hard to grasp. My bodies flushing itself out and returning to a purer state of existence. I move at my own pace allowing myself to absorb the body mechanics and economy in movement. I'm becoming a Snake, a White Crane. When I feel low I'll train, soon I sweat and the moment of martial consumes me. I get lost in this happening, and all of life's problems are pushed to the rear of my brain. After I cool down the problems wait for me, but I meet them in a better state. I feel uplifted from my fears. I conquer, I overcome...I relax.

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