Thursday, 11 September 2008


I sit back and revisit some of my past training sessions. I enjoy working out alone, because I am my own boss. I know what's right for me and I know how much to push. I recall them cold winter months, breathing out cold clouds of air as I hit the speed ball rata-tat-tat. I can vision the garage door open as the sweat steams of me into the night. I decide to skip, feeling springy now. I move to pull ups, then I'll work the bag. I lift some light weights in my dad's garage, I smile as I relive jogging around minworth in the pouring rain and heavy snow along park lane. Some passers by may think I'm nuts, maybe I am. I cannot imagine my life with out martial arts, it's what I enjoy doing. It's for me, and I'm for it. It makes me a better person with nothing to prove. I train to fight, without having to fight. I'm healthier as a result. I'm sure I'll have more training tales to tell you.

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