Saturday, 20 September 2008


Sensei bows to us and asks us to pick a partner. Our Gi's are already soaked through and we are gasping for air. I note my blood gushing through my meridians like hose pipe water, my muscles warm and ready. I face Nigel as he attacks without warning. I retreat back at an angle, knowing he will pursue. I change direction quickly avoiding his speedy back fist. I defend decently against his attacks and then watch his eyes and waist for the next flurrying encounter. I counter back with some artillery of my own, as I work out a way to defeat him. The cat n mouse changes and Sensei tells us to switch stances and partners. I jog to Andy and let him have some. He pays me back royally and I extinguish the feeling of not been as good as last week. Maybe they are improving? Jack faces me with a warm grin and a reverse punch which nearly reintroduces me to my toast. I focus on my footwork and I settle down, god this feels great. I love this moment it is safe and free of everything, we are one family. I turn to greet Craig with a side kick, love that kick. Finally when were done fighting we move on to push ups between chairs and Kata practice. I've had a good workout, but need to do more homework.

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