Friday, 19 September 2008


I position my cheap mercury trainers onto the slippy plastic pedal, Stu does the same to his sharp bear trap pedal. We both grin at each other side by side, and tighten our blisters on mushroom grips. We have removed the cushion from the frames, although we always land on it-ouch. We are hot and sweaty, our parents will want us in for tea pretty soon and the suns setting. Stu leads the way jumping of the higher park edge down onto the sandy track-Bamp!
He peddles a frenzy and hits the ramp, I watch Stu land and then skid. My turn, I lift off and land. I'm going for it and bunny hop jump-soar, bump! I skid 180 and blow up sand comparing my skid mark to Stu's. He won. We practice wheelies on our way home, but leave the endo's for tomorrow. We've been building den's and ramps all day.

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