Monday, 22 September 2008


So you are in that place, its cold and uncomfortable. This draws you to indulge in your comforts. That's okay though, as long as you don't quit. You have to realise how far you have come in your life, the little things along the way. You get a sense of yourself, you are somebody, people like you. You might not gel with everyone, but that's just life. You tread forwards reminding yourself to hold your head high, you can do it. Nettles and branches try to hold you back, trying to keep you where you are. If you make that choice to stay put you have lost, and the weaker you has won. Then you'll always be weak. But your not weak your strong. You push the obstacles away from your face, creating a path for you to follow. You can't wait to get through this nightmare, so you can be free. The slippery surface underfoot inclines, again testing your determination. But you are to ambitious, to tough. You visualise your goal, you remain focused. Side line emotions will trick you to wonder off course, if you let them. They are not your friend just the darker side of you. You concentrate and think of all the people that love you, who you want to make proud. That's what got you here in the first place, trying to please others? Now you forge on for you, you scream at yourself for treating you with neglect. You make best friends with yourself for ever. You can taste inner peace, and it feels lovely. Well done, you made it and there's no turning back.

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