Tuesday, 16 September 2008


With me, what you see, is not what you get. How many times have you heard the sayings, 'There's something I can't put my finger on.' Or 'A dark horse?'
I'm not sly or two faced and those that may have thought that in the past have either let themselves be poisoned, or fail to look beneath the surface. We all have a side that we hide from others. It may be a kind side, an angry side and so on. But it's our personal self, the bathroom mirror watcher, the toilet seat sitter. I can be secretive, I can be sensitive and I can be open. This personal power is something most of us keep hidden out of fears of what others might think of us. It's just another image to our personalities and actually is quite good. It is perceived as a negative trait, when people are misunderstood. Why? The human body. If you look at the human body, everything is working away inside. The heart, liver, kidneys, bones, tendons, vascular, blood vessels, atom & molecules, ligaments, brain, thoughts...and feelings! Only on the outside do we see the external results from the internal mechanics. So hopefully know you can feel a tad better about yourselves, because there really is... more than meets the eye.

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