Friday, 28 November 2008

We've got the whole world in our hands

Someone close to me recently was taken ill into hospital. As I sat there rethinking over previous losses in my family I didn't want to be here, nobody does. I took a good look at all the poorly people in the wards and the lack of NHS support nowadays, me like many was frightened and anxious for a loved one. (Spend the lottery on that instead?) As a spiritual type of guy I got thinking about how happy I am to have started training in the martial arts and even though I still get flu's etc I know I'm doing myself more good than harm. I thought about the human body and about how if you treat it right it will bring you many pleasures. If you mistreat it, it can bring you pain. Pain is what I was witnessing in this place, pain. The only lift of relief is knowing that your loved one is more comfortable and you can finally go home and try to rest yourself. Pain. Do you really like to know what else I noticed too? Young men, maybe teens been brought in after fighting, my guess after a drunken brawl or a vendetta which just brings hate to the world. Pain. So, in between trips to the toilet and tea machine,I wrote in my mind blog for you all to share. And I could only come away with four words ping ponging about...
We all know these words and live them, but I left A&E that night thinking...we could all do so much more.

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