Friday, 14 November 2008

Love and Friendship

These two very meaningful words sum up the whole concept of life. How many times can you count, the break ups and disagreements you may have had or are still enduring? More than less? It's easy to let our feelings dictate our actions as we feel hurt, and it's natural to let our pain be heard. As a person we have our own take on things which is our 'humble opinion'. This is fine and opinions and views make the world turn each day. It is what makes us all unique and different. Some people say that life would be boring if we were all the same. This was an opinion too. As is this...'I think that team is better than that team.' So the reply is...'no way that team is better.' The conflict taking place here is a complex one, so here goes!
A feels his team is better than B's team. This is his feeling, his conclusion. He is not trying to order B to agree as such (although it does happen). B defensively defends his view and say's his view. This is where it becomes a debate, no longer an innocent opinion. Such situations become petty and soon heated. The total truth on this (and this is my view) is that A's stating that it's the team he prefers, and B's team is the one he prefers. Not the best team over all-god bless-amen-full stop. But the best team for that individual. Love and Friendship is something that we all possess and we should put more effort into uniting than retracting. Although we are different people, we are all the same human life form. Food for thought?

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