Thursday, 20 November 2008

How long will you wait for your Great strength to surface?

How many times have you thought or even felt the desire to be creative? We were all born to create and our imaginations can strangle or rescue us. You are special and unique, a true individual regardless of how many mistakes you have made. You are so capable it's frightening. I too work daily on my own weaknesses as I have many, but there's no help like self help! When you feel really low you have the inner strength to pick yourself back up and carry on. You will face the mighty winds with desire and faith, and you will conquer your every fear. It's in us all...the shadow. It can kill us or live us. Use your mind to plant blossoms and you shall bloom, beware of weeds. Cry if it helps you feel lighter, that's whats crying for. It's not a weakness, but a weaker strength. Man should be judged on his power to help and heal, not fight or destroy. Crying heals the soul. Anger can help if you project it in the right direction, aim that arrow and fire the cross bow! Emotions can drain or they can build, rebuild yourself into a happy person if need be. Be honest and quick of eye, remain slow of tongue in certain terms. Trust others but trust yourself more and you shall open up a gate for others to relish you.

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