Saturday, 8 November 2008

Prisoner in your mind

Your mind is the most powerful organ on the entire planet. What ever the mind will conceive, it can achieve. It is so easy to think miserable thoughts and view the world on the down sides, but to remain positive takes more effort. You will need to dig deep and take a good look at what you have got around you. Keeping busy can help, because if you have a problem a one track mind will drain you until you are more unhappy than first started. Your fear, or dread will feed off your resources causing you to lose sleep and neglect nourishment. You won't even realise you are destroying yourself as you will be too occupied in hunting for the medicine to your suffering. It is easier said than done I know, but this energy will use you up and spit you out. It will spread to others and before you know it others find you unbearable to be around. You have become inprisioned in your own mind, and can't find a way out let alone what got you here in the first place. Now you will complain that your depressed...sound familiar?
I have been here many, many times and always will face the bars of steel that wait for me in my mind of minds. I can't tell you what to do so I'll give you a quote from Jackie Chan.
'You control the situation, not the situation control you.'
I always relay this passage to myself in times of need, and find that deep gentle breathing helps with meditation (more on that later). You should find an outlet for your energy's and it will help lighten the load of daily life. Think of your body as a Car. Best transport around. It can take you anywhere you want, be anyone you choose to be. So when people are not active and over eat, the system becomes clogged and blocked. It doesn't function the way it should, and this turns back on yourself in the form of...sense of sadness.
Your environment affects you mood also. Think about it, if you spend time around trash you will think trash. So our influences say a lot too. We all absorb each other, although we are all different people, we are all the same human beings. If you spend time in nice places, with nice people, 9 times from 10 you will become a nice person.
So, regular light meals, moderate activity few times per week, friendly environments to name a few. remember, you are the only one who can hold you hostage, and you have the key all along.
And don't forget to take good care of your feet, without them you won't get very far. Foot express requires massaging (even by self if alone) Jonson's power or moisturiser.
Be well all.

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