Saturday, 20 December 2008

Mickey Finn & his amazing friends

My choice of music is varied. I feel a sense of passion as I relate to 60's-70's and 80's, with hip hop playing a huge part of my being. I respect the art form of creative craft, but nothing compares to my childhood of growing up in the 90's. For that I'd like to thank D.J Mickey Finn, plus countless others. My reason is this-
Growing up with my close friends was a roller coaster due to family troubles and the easy thing to do was just pop on your headphones and escape. We would collect flyer's from M.C Lenni and buy tapes from the raves with our paper money, Sir Michael of the Finns was our favourite D.J. He always ripped it up and put a smile on your face, so as time moves on I am older and still pleased to see my idols still 'killing it' Fantazia NYE will be great, Mickey's there at the Que Club. I often wonder though, behind the cheering clouds and the feeling of fun, do the D.J's actually know that they may have just saved a child's life?

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