Saturday, 20 December 2008

Spiritual feelings...a third eye?

I wonder if they can feel what I feel when I'm thinking my thoughts? I doubt it, not the shallow ones who are loud and arrogant. I have a deep thinking nature and I enjoy meeting people along the same plane of thought. Respectful, thoughtful and fun. You can't beat just been plain daft, but you must possess the humour to go there...the third eye. We exist in space, where time is here and not. We take everything for granted, me included. I have always had a way in which I cant seem to relate to people who have no imagination, I call these people Goonies. The Goonies are not below me or me above them and I'm wrong in labelling them like this, but interacting with some people you feel like your the only one until you click with other people and then get on wicked. The trees, sky, and birds are watching us...dare you watch them back, dare you feel the wind from the mountains where the Falcon soars? Dare you just have the courage to be yourself? Me too, I'm trying to become braver every day...wish me luck.

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