Monday, 1 December 2008

Getting back into shape

You've had it with trying to be tough and brave, struggling to cut out the 'bad foods'? Finding it difficult with motivation or time to exercise? Solution to the first half is quite simply this...
1) Have a little of what you want, but not to much. Adjust the balance and you will enjoy your food without putting pressure on yourself.
2) Just a little activity which doesn't need to be athlete level and moderate eating will keep the fat monster at bay, and help you to breath better too.
Eat small regular meals, mainly of the good things which you already know. But have what you want also but don't make them the bulk of your intake. (I love cookies)
Take a walk, stairs instead of the lift. Don't be lazy, park your car further away too. When waiting for the kettle to boil slowly press your self up and down on the kitchen side like a push up-aim for 10. When the breaks come on your soaps just raise your knees to your chest-aim for 10.
This is just a basic start for people who are really struggling with weight issues. Some of you may already be fit. The only thing to bear in mind here is that if you don't make the change now...who will?
Also, deep breathing can help too.
Until next time - peace.

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