Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Way Of Life

I was watching a programme about the monks at the Shoalin Temple yesterday. What really stood out to me was not their years of accumulated psycho training, but their dedication, patience and focus. Developing these qualities will help us all to become better people. It does'nt matter what we are involved in, it's the way we conduct ourselves in society. Meeting new people you can make a good impression because it's human nature for others to judge and make their own minds up about you, wrong or right. But, only you know you, you owe yourself so much respect it's silly. By respecting yourself and then others, you will come across people with the same thoughts or interests. This is called bonding (making friends). I know the shoalin monks have all their waking lives to train and improve, but so do we. The only difference is that our lifestyle doesn't consist of a huge temple in which to practice. But it does if we treat ourselves as the temple...

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