Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Enter The New Year!

It's the time to reflect on what you achieved in 2008, and what maybe you did not. That's fine, it's life and we just have to make the best of now. So here are my goals for 2009 (not resolutions)
Train my writing craft for the future.
cherish my family more than ever before (friends too)
Fitness, running, skipping.
More flexibility for my martial arts training.
Continue my Kung Fu and Karate training.
Weapons improvements, Nunchakus/staff (bo)/Escrima/Sai's
Basically total body conditioning so I am fit for my life ahead.
Whatever you have as goals or aims in 2009, just build a bit at a time and you will soon have your castle. Be patient with your self but disciplined, nature takes time to shed skins so your armour will be tougher than before. Then you may sit here this time next year and smile.
Happy new year!

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