Thursday, 24 October 2013

Boxing vs Kicking?

Is not Boxing a Martial Art?
Yes, it is a warfare art and yes we use it for Kick & Thai boxing, and yes it can cover block and parry as well as defend against kicks. I want to share some advice however, do not bob n weave too much against another fighter who is a martial artist. I made a schoolboy error on the mats. I was doing well ducking some flying kicks and even bobbed a high round kick. I was it seems enjoying it so much that I did not realise I was dropping my head a lot. Of course I was timed by the other guy who greeted me with a left low round kick to the nose as I came up. (silly boy)
Worst thing was I knew and everyone else knew that I would have gone on to beat him or get 2nd place.
Traditional styles such as Karate stay up right in a stance, this is because they will deal with more than punches. Look at Muay Thai? They have it all covered and stay upright, because if your head is too low you may meet a knee!
People often say a good boxer would win over a martial artist...
depends on both and what tactics are employed, distance is king as both will be fit, or should be. Anyway, this was a quick heads up (pardon the pun) as you can see I test it all out first and yes the mats do break your fall!
Just remember to keep your head and you will get ahead.
Good luck, Duane.

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