Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Can we heal quicker with Martial Arts?

"Ouch." - ET
If only we all had a great little Alien friend (apart from me) to wash away our pain. Today I wanted to look at when us as martial artists fall ill. To be fair it sucks and if your a man if sucks even more, well because we cant deal with it very well.
 I recently have recovered from food poisoning due mainly through my own lack of attention, so the price was pain and karma had me served. At first I thought it was man flu, shakes, cloudy head. Then all the not very nice areas that I will keep under my hat, if I was wearing one and so I can keep friends. It knocked me off my feet, so areas of my life suffered including my poor Wife. Anyway out of commission and a cramping belly (take note of the symptoms) it was no food for 3 days only water. As a result my weight hit my fighting weight again (bonus) but I was very weak (hate feeling weak - STRONG) To be fair water is our best friends and we all should keep some with us. Forget about how much people say you 'should' be drinking, just drink it throughout your day, at night and then when you wake up. So then, after a nasty ordeal and new found respect for all those who have fell victim to it, I began to heal and in some ways it maybe was a good thing to give the body a quick fast period. 
The Doctor rang me (not Dr Who, he was busy) and he was taken back by how fast I had recovered, even though the time period may have seemed reasonable. However he was ready to prescribe me some treatment, (not my brain, too tough.) I told him I'm better, taking my vitamins and gently training my martial art as my chosen exercise.
"O right, sounds like you have turned a corner." he answered.
Now I know it matters not how fit we can become, if nature is attacked by illness it can be just as simple as that. Never forget this though, the better your body and mind is the tougher a host you may be. I know for sure the fact that I am active training, thinking and how I am as a person has helped me bounce back. I began training even in pain, I needed to sweat this demon bug out and help myself along. Not everyone chooses to do this... It's this mindset self mothering and awareness, where as some wait to be 100% (and rightfully so) but being a martial artist we have to take control as soon as we can. 
Because like it or not we are fighters, that's why. 
And at times the battle is right within ourselves...

Thank you - Duane.

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