Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brandon Lee

In my opinion I feel many look at Bruce Lee and not much at his Son Brandon. This could be many simple factors, but I'd just like to look at some of the qualities that Brandon held, or what we could see on the screen. I am a big fan of him and respect him for being his own man. Something his Father would have wanted.


Smooth - I feel he was so smooth in the way that he moved that he captured the economy of motion perfect, although very fast and graceful like Bruce, I feel he moved smoother. Look at him next to Dolph Lungren...

Grounded - He was down to earth in his ways and although not a fanatic he studied Wing Chun & MuayThai. It's safe to say we would have enjoyed to train and hang out with him...where as it would have been great to train with his dad but maybe scarier too in ways?

Creative - He was a deep gentle man I feel, The Crow was an excellent movie as was Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire was where we seen a lot of his Dad come out in him, he was amazing in that film...demonstrating all his arts including Jeet Kune Do into one. In a lot of ways it seemed to be his peak movie, a lot like Enter The Dragon and The Crow was his closing. Brandon was also very acrobatic and choreographed his own fight scenes. This showed an understanding.

Hidden Side - Who knows what things of his Dads he had or studied, or the deep loss he felt after been trained by his from toddler to boy? Who knows what other methods he kept to himself like Bruce?
One thing I think about is Bruce Lee's early screen test where he is congratulated on the birth of his Son, and asked any sleepless nights, to which he replies..."About four hours." [Laughs]
How many times would Brandon have watched that part, or his footage with his Dad?
If it were your Dad what would you have done, or be doing?
Maybe it was too much for him, hence him just enjoying his youth and returning to the Arts to study under Dan Inosanto.
For me he was one of the best Martial Artists around in his own right, and quoted that he kept at his training.
What do you keep at reading this?
Maybe we can relate to Brandon better than we think...

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