Friday, 21 January 2011

Turning Corners

Expectation is our faith for the following, but life has corners for us all to turn. Each at a different place or city in the mind of life. At times we are uncertain about whats around each corner,but that's what makes it interesting and scary at the same time. We can all take steps to promote an awareness so that we can at least have a goal or an idea to whats to come and what we are looking at facing when turning those corners. It could be sticking up for yourself or starting that course or book you keep putting off. It may be to call it a day on a relationship or begin a new one?
It also can be the unexpected and see what comes your way. The good thing is that there will be corners coming along through your life and it is..your life. Eating better, taking exercises or just working on a better you for yourself, friends and family. Just don't turn the same corner to many times as you will have to come back and turn it over and over again and then you, this post and the corners of life would serve no purpose ;)

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CliveMck said...

Nice thought pravocking Article Duane! Your have a suttle yet deep mind which is a good spiritual based trait :)
Phylosophy/Wisdom/Mind has a way with touching our inner soul!

Nice One Mate - keep it Up :)

Clive (Black Tiger)