Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Across The Water..Under The Moon

'Gliding freely I travel scanning all that is to be surveyed. Time holds no place for I feel free, the moon is guiding me as I reflect off the waters surface. It's frightening but delightful to experience..a paradox. I wish not to follow blindly only lead the way that I am discovering. I learn as I progress and it feels elating. I will refrain from dropping below this surface as I can see what type of predators wait, and I will refuse to go into the sun..altering my course. All I feel is warmth, the love for life, the hug of compassion from within. I am aware of that chill that continues to track me for it won't catch me..can't catch me. My thoughts progress at a faster speed than light accelerating external space, they manifest a nest for the very best. Lock me in a room and I will create a freedom that only I can enter, where the best doormen are dead hard. Always creating in and for life and never against it. Those who are welcomed in are protected and loved in heaps..limitless love..warm all around and inside. Idea's, thoughts and actions..a better place, a better person than yesterday, last week..last hour. I love it here.'

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