Monday, 12 July 2010

The World Watches Back

I watched the birds communicating in their own way, the bee's buzzing playfully while working hard on plants. Then the sun began to set, it began it's quest for rest as it's heat marathon had come to an end..for now. I turn to notice the clouds gathering, almost like I had not noticed them before now but I think they was there most of the evening. They move very slightly as the earth turns in orbit fashion, freely as if protecting the roofs of the houses below. The sun seems so much brighter as it is connected to the bottom of the cloud above. For a moment I feel like I am being watched, like I am watching.
A friend taps me on the shoulder. 'You were in a world of your own.'
I turn and smile a thought enters my mind but I fail to share...
'I'm in a world.'

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