Friday, 30 July 2010

Run The Track

It was one week long this song, felt so wrong yet we are forced by hammer and tong. Caged in side by side together we live and together we die. Drills, screws, and plastic that stinks..
'I just seen your sly look of glimpse.'
Peeking with black thunder eyes, Chinese whispers the hours go by. How can we fall behind when we seem so in front, doomed till the bell now we just had a shunt. Moody rain cloud now hovering with a bad feeling BOVERING, whilst anaconda is discussing some rogering. Capricorn one ain't rolling like that he writes down the evidence that looks like a map. Why is it like this? It was peaceful earlier on the line, just us and no them but wait...SUDDENLY trapped in a pen! Are you coming or are you going, your way out of line, you don't know your emotions your spoiling our time. We work and that's all there is, but if you push us like this we will all need a bib. Made to feel angry but you brought the rage, don't think we can't see YOU just changing our page. Good honest folk that's all we are, how can you affect us so near when we keep you so far? Don't trust the vipers just keep to ourselves, we feel betrayed we wind up our mind valves. 'How many to do on this next one? 24?'
Ha your having a laugh, we'll just sit on the floor.
Now the weeks out just do 'yourself' a favour...can you please sort out your jobsworth behaviour!

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