Monday, 10 October 2016

A Person training is a Person training.

Don't think for a minute that you are not playing your part in the world of martial arts, if not your world of martial arts. For some out there, they wont class you as a real martial artist unless your'e a black belt or fought in the ring. Although these are great and keep the world of martial arts at a professional spin, it is not the be all. To me it goes deeper or if you like, as deep as it means. 

As long as you have had training and educating yourself then you train and train what you like. Personal training costs nothing but time and old cloth. Its rewards can be good and yes by all means step out if you wish to take it further at classes etc. Never fool yourself that the bag session, run or press ups don't mean nothing on a big scale because it does. It will matter to you and you know it it. Just because a person has trod a glory path lined with achievements does not mean your little bit is fairy dust, if you train your mind by reading and watching and your body by doing then well bloody done. GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR YOU! Eff the snobs and judges out there. There are various ways of investing in yourself, including seeking out good instructors and clubs, but above all you are your best teacher and maybe you don't even know it?


Dave J. Lomas said...

Good - like it. But watch out for repeated words. You put 'it' twice. I proof read everything I write a zillion times and still get it wrong :-( said...

Thanks Dave, yes I did notice that ;)