Thursday, 19 May 2016

From Small Foot To Meeting Superfoot

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be able to meet a gentleman that had entertained me in films and the competition arena. Growing up I was always glad to see Mr Bill Wallace in a film containing martial arts. A very potent left leg owning a right leg that he couldn't kick with hence the name 'Superfoot'

Mr Wallace was very centered and full of one liner and quick thinking humor, holding a pair of eyes that seemed to brim with a solid old skool energy. The reason I am sitting here writing this is because if you were to say I would meet the guy years ago Id laugh it off. Of course I'm thankful to be considered for such an event, I also try to stay away from the details as I'm just a student of life and nothing more, not even close to these people yet we are all human. I grew up in a place that had pros and cons I suppose, a place that could swallow you if you surrender or a place to improve yourself from. I chose the latter but in no way am I saying I'm where Id love to be yet. What i'm saying to you now is that I was a pale skinny kid, a bit weird at times but to survive the ledge of insanity you must push the edge of sanity and own yourself. There is so many people that quit or allow themselves to be no greater than the decay around them, thing is with the internet these people could make the moves to reach out to people they hold in high regard. Sometimes you will get nothing back and sometimes you will but you have to do some work either way. We are all humans and can sicken or inspire each other and everybody can summon something positive to offer. So just by having an interest in martial arts as a boy led me to some cool people, yes some of us just communicate via Facebook world but as long as you are real and honest then that's all that matters. We all can be naughty and nice.

My main point here is that I do wonder what else would have taken my focus had I not enjoyed the odd scribble of punch and kick, regardless of if it was spent with others or myself. That didn't matter as I was always so self sufficient that way. A bit older now I don't really put others above me or on a platform, because why would I want to shift the focus off myself? I don't really feel the need to reach out to be accepted because I know myself and accept myself. Back then I didn't really understand that I was work in progress and that I was creating myself.

 I guess the lesson I have learned is that we all need to practice on ourselves and not expect anything in return, because our own improvements are just that. Enough of I, I, I...its how we treat others but more how we treat ourselves, so I will continue to work on myself while everybody else is "Too busy looking good."

You know where to find me.

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