Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Good ol Cuppa?

We all know the saying,"Have a nice Cuppa." 
Me for one loves my tea and has since very young, tea has been around for years and is believed to be healthier than Coffee. What I have noticed is people who drink tea, or plenty of it seem to live longer? Now I know unhealthy people slurp the chaa of life too and it's not magic, but I firmly believe tea is good for you. It's claimed it contains Antioxidants and is grown natural. I think what we add to it is the main factor, over doing the sugar and milk. Tea can warm us up or cool us down, or be consumed with a meal. There is decafe options and the low caffeine helps wake you up. I have drank tea before bed and slept fine also. So let's all raise our mugs (faces too) and salute to the chaa of life... For it is a real cuppa!

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