Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reasons To Get In Shape And Stay There.

Getting in shape for some may be difficult but once there they may find it more fun to maintain. Others can find it easy to get there but then let it slip after they get into it. We all will have our different reasons and goals to workout. My advice is find something you enjoy and never put too much pressure on yourself. Above all remain consistent. This is the secret, if you lapse then self forgive and get back on your horse. Remember even small changes will add up so think long term with patience. Some like myself may be slim but it does not mean I can become laid back about my health. Don't train too much but do it enough that it gets you results, it should be therapeutic and not always exhausting. A risk most undertake is a burn out because they are parents and have jobs and train hard and diet. This cannot last, for one of these areas will fall into neglect. If you want a beer or some chocolate then have it, but just a bit and don't live on these vices all day every day. Its a life style change and should be exciting see yourself transform. You will have to train your mind to be strong for if you show yourself any weakness then you will give in to YOU! Be fit for your family, but above all for you. The fitter you are the more luxuries you can enjoy as you will be a vessel of heat.

I'm excited about my training this year, I'm aiming to become the best shape I can be. The reason for this is I am fighting in May, so I have a purpose, a goal. Once in that ring if I have not done the work I lose easy - simple. If I enter in good nick then I can handle either outcome. I want to be lean and get my body fat down low, the odds are against me in ways I will not get into here. The second part of the year I can focus on other areas and give the intense fight training a rest, maybe more weapons, forms or other activities.
Good luck to us all together we can do it!
- Duane.

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