Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Deeper Side To Life And Its Arts

When I mention Martial Arts, people will assume the ideology of fighting and the hurting of others. Martial Art has a deeper side.. and like me only a few will be able to appreciate that quality. The hidden side of the combat arts is a place where you will find peace and a sense of self worth that is unlimited in its treasure. It advances above the offensive and techniques that we will all practice in our quest to become martial artists. For the non martial artist the benefits are immense as mentioned.

Meditation - To help calm the mind and relax the body. I use this method every day when the energies of my emotions fight to get the better of me. I sit quiet and breath deeply through my nose and fill my abdomen, focusing on my dantium just below the navel. I then can clear my mind.

Tai chi/yoga or any slow relaxing movement- This type of movement can be done by anyone with good imagination and focus. Just move gently in all directions promoting the blood flow, this will help with your ‘chi’ which means air or life force. People scoff at the mention of these words, but words make books and books make people and people who make books make people happy and pass on learning so pick the bones out from that baby then! If you have some books or knowledge of tai chi ‘Grand Ultimate Fist’ then train because its one art you can take into your wisdom years as we never become wise..only become wiser.

Books - Does not matter if its fiction non-fiction as long as you read. The worlds greatest people read. I can read lots of books at the same time, and I enjoy writing too. I really have a natural strong respect for man, woman and child who make it a past time to read. It’s relaxing yet expands your own minds to make the pictures, and like going to the movies it’s a form of escapism. We all can create and have all been created so all the mind needs is direction and focus. We all have so much energy, if left to its own it will divert us into a depressive state or a hyper active nature which both, if at extremes can be damaging to those around us. So..emotions need discipline and I need a cuppa so bye for now and thanks for reading.

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Matt said...

Nicely written! I think you've captured some of the spirit here.